Partnership 4 Kids Announces Alliance

Jun 27, 2013

Partnership 4 Kids is a mentoring organization that serves over 5,000 young people within the Omaha school district.

Deb Denbeck, President and CEO of Partnership 4 Kids, says the organization currently works with 12 elementary, 6 middle, and 4 high schools in the metro.

She says the organization teaches students how to set goals, as well as offering them career exploration and college access.

Recently, Partnership 4 Kids decided to concentrate on students in kindergarten through ninth grades.

Denbeck says three other youth serving organizations will collaborate with Partnership 4 Kids to help students as they transition to high school and then college.

"TeamMates, which is a one-on-one mentoring organization, Avenue Scholars, and College Possible. Avenue Scholars works mostly through Metro in a 2-year degree or a trade degree in various areas and College Possible works with young people that are looking more at a 4-year college.”

Denbeck says partnering with these other organizations, will allow Partnership 4 Kids to continue its continuum of services.

She says the 2013-2014 school year will see sophomore and junior students currently involved in Partnership 4 Kids’ programs transition to one of the new partner agencies.