Performing Arts Groups and Concerned Residents Rally around Omaha Music Hall

Aug 23, 2012

Local businessman, Mike Cassling is concerned that not much money or time has been put into the Omaha Civic Auditorium and Omaha Music Hall over the last 20 years.

Cassling has joined forces with worried citizens and performing arts organizations to try and get some answers from the city. 

Both of Cassling’s daughters are dancers and have performed numerous times down there over the past decade. 

He says some of the rumors he’s heard include the city plans to demolish the two buildings to make way for a new library, police department and economic development. 

Cassling says his main fear is that he will wake up one day and the buildings will be gone with no Plan B in place.

"Omaha is blessed.  We have world class arts facilities in Joslyn, Bemis, Holland, Orpheum, for the professionals but by taking this away, there’s nothing for our kids and the next generations of artists.”

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