The Planting Season is Beginning

Apr 10, 2018

Spring is just around the corner.  At least, that’s what the calendar says.  And that means many will be getting ready for some spring planting.

Graham Herbst, Community Forester for Eastern Nebraska with the Nebraska Forest Service, says there are several things to consider before planting. 

Herbst says it’s important to find a nursery that’s providing good quality plant material.  That means a good balance between roots and shoots. 

Herbst says the last thing you want is a tree that’s too top heavy compared to the size of its root system. 

He says you also want to avoid trees that have roots with circular orientation as this could provide a problem for shade trees in the long run.   

Herbst says choosing to plant more than one type of tree is also a good idea so if there’s a problem with one type, like the emerald ash borer, you don’t lose all your trees.

"So diversity is key for a number of reasons.  We find a lot of trees tend to bloom in the early spring time.  There’s kind of a whole lot of fireworks. With perennials there’s a lot more options, but there’s a handful of trees out there that bloom in the summer months that can be beneficial.  You’ve got your cork tree, golden rain tree, some of those sort of trees bloom a little bit later in the year, after everything else is finished.”

Herbst says it’s also a good idea to make sure you plant your tree at the proper depth.  Trees that are planted too deeply may have issues with their gas exchange underground. 

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