Platte River expected to rise in eastern Nebraska

Sep 23, 2013

The Platte River is expected to rise in eastern Nebraska over the next few days as floodwater from Colorado reaches the area.

There’s been significant flooding in areas of western Nebraska along the South Platte River. National Weather Service Omaha hydrologist Dave Pearson says right now, flood water is still in the Kearney area.

"So the water has a way to go before it gets all the way through the Platte River, and we’re not anticipating any flooding say, from Platte County where Columbus is at, and areas from there downstream, we’re not anticipating any flooding in that area, but the water will come up, it may be a bit quicker, and may have some debris in it, which may pose a hazard to people using the river."

Pearson says Platte River levels will rise at North Bend, Leshara, Ashland, and Louisville by next Tuesday. The river is expected to remain below flood stage. Flooding is not anticipated at Plattsmouth where the Platte and Missouri Rivers meet.

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