Play Streets in downtown Omaha Saturday

Jul 25, 2013

The third of four Omaha Play Streets events happens Saturday.

This month’s event is in downtown Omaha. Lisa Dworak, Coordinator of Open Streets Omaha, says the Play Streets events are good for families and the community.

"Some of the benefits to the community, besides it providing a unique experience, is helping people re-think how our city can be more livable and how we can activate the spaces that have not been previously used for people, but just for cars. So helping people re-think how to use those spaces, but also the primary focus is to get kids and families to be more physically active together, but in a very fun way so it’s not a chore."

Dworak says four-thousand people attended the first event and two-thousand attended the second Play Streets event. More information is available at

Next month’s event will be held in north Omaha.