Police share safety tips after a rash of violence in Omaha

Omaha, NE – 40 people have been murdered in Omaha this year.

The city's latest homicide happened early Friday morning outside a bar on South 42nd Street. 41 people were murdered in Omaha in 2007 and that included the eight people killed in a mass shooting at Westroads Mall.

The Omaha Police Department is sharing some basic safety tips.

-Park and walk in busy areas with good lighting
-Don't display or flash your valuable personal items, such as your cell phone
-Don't leave valuables in your car. If you must, put them in the trunk.

When walking through parking and public areas:
-Keep the amount of cash you carry to a minimum
-Carry only one major credit card
-Don't carry cash in your purse or wallet. Instead, carry it in a unique place.
-Pay attention to your surroundings
-Walk with confidence
-Ask for a security escort if you feel uneasy

When you reach your car:
-Have your keys in hand and be ready to press the alarm button if needed
-Look into the vehicle and check for intruders
-Lock your doors and roll up your windows as soon as you get in the car
-Enter and exit the car quickly

If you're approached by suspicious people:
-Switch directions and immediately go to a well-lit area crowded with people if you suspect you're being followed
-If someone in a vehicle asks for directions, do not approach the vehicle. Ignore them or answer from a distance and keep walking.

Anyone with information about the recent shootings in Omaha is urged to call Crimestoppers at 444-STOP.