Pothole patrol: more than a dozen Omaha Public Works crews working to repair streets

Omaha, NE – Omaha Public Works officials say this week's warm, dry weather has helped crews fill potholes.

Street Maintenance Engineer Scott McIntyre says 12 to 15 crews are working five days a week to fill potholes. Additional work is being done on Saturdays along Omaha's most heavily-traveled streets.

McIntyre says the warm, dry weather pattern is helping crews repair streets. "The warmer weather is drying out the pavement so that's reducing the formation of potholes, it's really kind of eliminating those conditions that causes the potholes to form."

McIntyre doesn't have an estimate of how much the pothole repairs are costing the city. But he says Public Works hasn't used as much overtime this year filling potholes as last year, when 88 consecutive days of snow on the ground damaged roads.

A city hotline is set up to report potholes. You can call 444-4919 or log on to to report potholes.