Press Club Features UNO Chancellor

May 23, 2013

UNO Chancellor John Christensen spoke at this month’s Omaha Press Club Noon Forum.

Christensen was named chancellor in 2007 and is the first UNO alumnus ever to hold the office.

Among the topics he discussed were UNO’s developments in academia, as well as changes in athletics. 

Christensen also discussed some of the physical changes that have been made to the buildings on campus.

"We’ve had a three-phase renovation of the library.  In addition to the library, we now have Mammel Hall, a new college home for Business.  We have, for the first, time a new home for the College of Public Affairs and Community Service, which is in the old Engineering building which is totally renovated.’”

Christensen said it’s a privilege to serve at UNO and be part of its 105-year history. 

Chancellor Christensen’s complete presentation at the Omaha Press Club will air Monday, June 17th at Noon on KIOS.