PRIDE-Omaha, Inc. Closing

Feb 13, 2012

PRIDE-Omaha, Inc. is dissolving its non-profit corporation on March 31, 2012.

The organization was formed in 1978 with the purpose of working to keep children safe and drug-free.  Executive Director Susie Dugan says even though the need for drug prevention is as great as ever when it comes to kids and drugs, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain funding for their resource center. 

She says PRIDE-Omaha is grateful to the community and state supporters who made it possible for them to do their work for so long. 

"We have raised awareness regarding the environment our kids are in.  It’s very pro-drug.  We have passed a lot of laws.  We’ve worked successfully to fight the promotion of marijuana or alcohol at the retail level.  And I hope that concerned parents and concerned adults will continue to worry about drug-free kids.”

Dugan says PRIDE-Omaha, Inc. will continue with all obligations through March 31st.  More information is available online at