Private contractors helping with pothole repairs cost Omaha $1.2 million

Omaha, NE – It's costing Omaha more than one million dollars to use private contractors for pothole repairs.

Both city and private crews continue working on Omaha's streets to repair damage left behind by last winter's heavy snow. Street Maintenance Superintendent Scott McIntyre says it's not known how much longer the private contractors will continue to work on city roads.

"Right now we have four different firms, four contractors, that have got a total of ten crews out there, and they're going to stay on through the end of April," McIntyre says. "And next week we'll assess our situation and make the determination whether we just continue on with city crews, or whether we keep the contract support for longer in to May."

McIntyre says it's costing $1.2 million to employ the private contractors. City crews are also working a significant amount of overtime.

Omaha's budget deficit is approaching $10 million this fiscal year.