Producers who are experiencing flooding are encouraged to contact their local FSA office

Omaha, NE – The Nebraska Farm Service Agency estimates over 100,000 acres on the Nebraska side of the river have been flooded by the Missouri River.

Dan Steinkruger is the State Director for the Nebraska Farm Service Agency. He says the biggest problems producers are having as a result of the flooding include failed crops, the inability to plant acres and the loss of livestock pasture. The FSA is taking acreage reports from producers and landowners to find out the types of damages they've sustained as a result of the floods. Additionally, Steinkruger says the FSA is trying to do estimates and prepare for land repairs that will be needed when things dry out, "I think depending upon the length of this release out at Gavins Point and the ability of that entire floodplain to recover, we could see some of this land that's out of production well into 2012 with repairs occurring over the next couple of years."

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