Program Offers High School Dropouts Path to Diploma

Omaha, NE – Metropolitan Community College is partnering up with Omaha Public Schools to offer the Gateway to College program.

Peggy Swanson is the Director of the Gateway to College program and says it's geared toward high school dropouts, ages 16 to 21. She says Gateway to College gives them the opportunity to earn their diploma as well as college credits, putting them back on track towards a better future.

She says it's a fresh start for students who haven't been successful in traditional public high schools. Swanson says, "the credit they are gaining while they are in classes is what we call dual credit, so they are earning credit towards the completion of their high school diploma while at the same time earning credit towards a college degree or certificate program."

An information session for the Fall 2010 program is coming up on June 28th. For admission intake requirements, the website is