Project Interfaith is compiling videos through their Community Mosaic Video Project

Omaha, NE – Project Interfaith's Community Mosaic Video Project began in September and continues through February.

Executive Director Beth Katz says 40 volunteer interviewers have been canvassing the community, recording as many different people as possible for the project. She says ultimately the videos will be posted on Project Interfaith's web site so that people can see the religious diversity within the community. Katz says the videos will allow viewers to explore what it means to identify a particular way. She hopes the videos will help dispel a lot of the stereotypes that circulate in the community.

Katz says Project Interfaith's Community Mosaic Video Project, "is asking people to share a little bit about how they identify religiously or spiritually, however that may be, to share a stereotype that they encounter in the community and to get a sense of how welcoming they find our community for them to be who they are based on their religious or spiritual identification."

Those who wish to be interviewed are welcome to stop by the Project Interfaith office on November 29th from Noon to 2:00 p.m. Reservations are not required and Katz says interviews only take about 5 minutes.