Project Interfaith offers multiple programs dealing with children, families and faith

Feb 9, 2012

Project Interfaith is offering children’s story time and show and tell Sundays at 3:00 at the Bookworm through March 4th. 

Each week of the story time features a different religion.  Beth Katz, Executive Director for Project Interfaith, says more than 60 people attended the first event last Sunday.

She says the events offer a great opportunity for parents and children to learn more about the diversity of beliefs and cultures present in our community and the world.

"We’re going to have someone of that faith reading a really great piece of children’s literature and also showing different artifacts from that faith tradition that help explain broader beliefs or practices that you would find that are probably touched on in the book which will be about some major holiday that’s part of that tradition.”

Katz says Project Interfaith has put together a bibliography of children’s books with a focus on different religions, belief systems and cultures so that families may continue the dialogue even after the event. 

On Thursday, February 16th, Project Interfaith will offer the first program in their new parenting series. 

The program is called “All in the Family: Having Healthy Relations in Multifaith and Interfaith Families.”  Katz says the series is meant to help families who have couples with different belief systems to figure out how they want to raise their children.  

She says the first program will feature a panel of couples who have taken different approaches to raising their children.

"One couple has chosen to raise their children exposed to both of their faiths.  Another couple has chosen to raise their child in one of the two faiths of the parents.  Another couple we are featuring didn’t want to have to pick one of their faiths so they picked a third faith to raise their child in.”

Katz says the program is meant to encourage an authentic open conversation about the opportunities and challenges that accompany each model.  

Details on both programs are available online at