Project Interfaith Presents Two Programs Exploring Buddhism in America

Omaha, NE – Project Interfaith is presenting two events centering on Buddhism, one takes place tonight at 7:00 and the other tomorrow morning at 7:30.

Beth Katz, Executive Director for Project Interfaith, says both programs will feature Buddhist Author and Chaplain Sumi Loundon Kim. Kim is the author of two anthologies about the lives of young Buddhists in the West. Katz says Kim's talk tonight focuses on the generational differences among younger and older adult Buddhists in America. Tomorrow morning, Kim will lead a 45-minute workshop on mindful meditation. Katz said, "we did a survey at Project Interfaith last summer and fall, asking community members to tell us about what religions they were most interested in learning more about and which religious groups they felt they had the least knowledge of and Buddhism came up as one of the top three in both of those categories, so that told us there is a real interest in the community to learn more about Buddhism."

Both events take place in UNO's Thompson Alumni Center. For details, the web site is