Project Vote Smart releases results of Political Courage Test

Omaha, NE – Project Vote Smart is releasing its results of its so-called Political Courage Test.

The non-partisan group's test asks candidates if they're willing to support certain issues they'll likely deal with if elected. 40 percent of Nebraska's candidates for federal office and 26 percent of candidates for the Nebraska Unicameral passed the Political Courage Test.

Project Vote Smart spokesman Brandon Horton says the numbers are low for
Nebraska, which usually has a good return rate on the Political Courage Test. He says many candidates are afraid their opponents will use the test results against them and therefore don't respond.

Candidates who agree to share their issue positions are asked about abortion, campaign finance reform, crime, education, employment, and energy.

Among the candidates willing to provide information were Second Congressional District Candidate Jim Esch and U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Johanns. Congressman Lee Terry and Scott Kleeb, Esch and Johanns' opponents respectively, did not pass the test.