A Proposed New Park Draws Comments Both For and Against

Feb 14, 2014

Last week, the City of Omaha’s Parks, Recreation and Public Property Department held a public meeting to hear the pros and cons of creating a new park on city-owned land.

The proposed new park would be located on the southeast corner of Benson Gardens Boulevard and Lake Street. Dennis Bryers, Park and Recreation Planner, says the city is investigating the idea because citizens asked them to look into it. 

Bryers says those who support a new park say it would provide a safe place for walking paths, it would help clean up the area, and possibly stabilize or increase property values. 

But he says not everyone is in favor of the idea.

"They cited such things as the creek, which would be the east side of the park, could be dangerous if kids play in that creek.  They mentioned there was a garbage problem in that neighborhood and feared it might get worse. They talked about the noise from people at night.  They mentioned crime in the area they felt might be a deterrent.”

Currently there is no park located within a 10-minute walk of Benson Gardens Boulevard and Lake Street. 

Bryers says the city is still welcoming comments both for and against the proposed park at