Prosper Omaha looks to the city's next five years

Feb 19, 2013

The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce wants 12,000 new jobs created in the next five years.

Credit Creighton University/Bing Images

That’s one goal of the Chamber’s new campaign, called Prosper Omaha. The $23 million campaign focuses on four initiatives, including economic growth and talent development. Chamber President and CEO David Brown says they want to continue a decade of successful business growth in Omaha.

“In the last nine years, we’ve had 391 companies that we’ve assisted in growing their businesses, and those businesses have committed more than $4.1 billion in capital investment and created more than 22,000 jobs. So we have a track record that shows that we can do that core economic development piece.”

Prosper Omaha’s goals include 300 new projects and $3 billion in capital investment over the next five years. Brown says the campaign is optimistic and aggressive, but will also mean faster growth for Omaha.

Brown says fundraising for Prosper Omaha is underway, with $8 million of the campaign’s $23 million cost raised so far. The Chamber hopes to raise that money from 300 investors.