Public Art Project to Feature Large-Scale Mural

May 16, 2014

You Are Here is a community-based public art project that originally began as a beautification project at the corner of Park Avenue and Woolworth.

Christian Gray is Executive Director at inCommon Community Development. He says his organization is partnering with Watie White’s art studios and three area neighborhood associations on the project. 

Gray says the group will work together to put up a large-scale mural on the side of the Park North Tower. 

He says the mural is an opportunity to hear the voices of the people who live in the tower, identify their stories, and find out how they want to be seen in the community.

"We began with some listening sessions at the Park Towers, identifying with residents there what their hopes for the mural project would be and then we had a block party and asked a number of kids and families in the area to draw on paper and chalkboards their ideas for what would be on the tower.  Our next step will be going up and down the Park Avenue area to talk with business owners and people who live on and a couple blocks off Park Avenue to hear from them as well.”

Gray says the project is a chance to weave the more developed and undeveloped sections of Park Avenue into one collective identity. 

You Are Here received a neighborhood grant from the city to assist with their project.