The public is invited to learn about patents, trademarks and other basics at a seminar in mid-April

Omaha, NE – UNMC will host a seminar on intellectual property on April 16th.

Michael Dixon is the President of UNEMED, the technology transfer office for UNMC. He says UNEMED is partnering with UNMC and the Licensing Executives Society to offer the seminar, which is designed for people who are just entering into working with and developing intellectual property. Dixon says the seminar takes a complex topic and boils it down into some basic elements, so everyone has a fundamental understanding of the process of realizing commercial gain from knowledge. He says, "businesses need to understand how to leverage or use intellectual property to create a knowledge-based business."

Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights and trade secrets. The seminar takes place in the Durham Research Center on the UNMC campus. For more information, the website is