Ralph Nader's new book features Warren Buffett as a central character

Omaha, NE – Consumer advocate and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader has a new book that imagines a nation where the wealthiest solve social, political and economic issues.

Nader's book is called "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us." It's set in 2005, immediately after Hurricane Katrina. In the book, Warren Buffett is reading accounts of Hurricane Katrina when he decides to gather the nation's billionaires for a summit. They're given the task of solving the nation's most pressing issues.

Although the book is fiction, Nader hopes it'll get people thinking about important issues. He chose Buffett as a central character because Nader believes Buffett has the power to bring people together.

Nader says the message he hopes people take from the book is that everyone should demand more from the government and corporations. Nader appeared at an Omaha restaurant Tuesday afternoon and at a Borders store Tuesday evening for a speech and book signing.