Ravel/UnRavel Starts its Citywide Tour this Weekend

Jul 18, 2012

Project Interfaith is taking its Ravel/UnRavel initiative to the streets starting this Sunday. Volunteers will be parking a classic Bel Air Wagon around the city, drawing attention to the project. 

The idea for Ravel/UnRavel unfolded in the spring of 2010 during the first week of a student project. 

For six weeks, kids took flip cameras and a list of questions concerning service, spiritual identity and beliefs, into the community. These interviews were then uploaded to a video blog on Project Interfaith’s website. 

The response was so overwhelming that the organization decided to launch a new phase of the project.  Program Coordinator Sierra Pirigyi says the interviews consist of a set list of questions.

"How they religiously or spiritually identify and why.  We asked them about a stereotype, myth or misconception about their identity that’s affected them.  And how welcoming they found their community to be and then we just asked them if there was anything else that they felt was important to share.”

Pirigyi says the goal is to record an additional 500 videos by the end of October, bringing the total number of videos online to 1250. The Chevy Bel Air will be parked at Trug Omaha, 26th and Leavenworth on Sunday. 

For details, click here.