Ready in Five is a School Readiness Program for International Children

Omaha, NE – Ready in 5 is a school readiness program for international children.

The program is a partnership of United Way, Heartland Family Service and the YMCA. Program Director Rosie Brennan says instructors go to kids' homes and work with several families at one time. Brennan says the kids participate and the parents assist. Children are taught their numbers, colors and shapes as well as how to use crayons and scissors. Educators also stress the importance of homework and having school supplies available to the child in the home. Brennan says, "we are working hard to make sure that those first few weeks of the child's education are weeks spent in learning, not weeks spent in confusion. One of the things that we know is that a child's success in kindergarten is an important predictor in their future success in education and so we are trying to make that kindergarten year as successful as possible for these children."

The Ready in 5 Program started in October 2008. For more information, the number is 552-7058.