Recall Fahey Committee to start circulating petitions next week

Omaha, NE – A committee seeking the recall of Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey plans to start distributing petitions next Monday. The Recall Fahey Committee announced the March 24th petition circulation during a news conference over the weekend. Once the petitions are distributed, the Committee will have 30 days to collect more than 21,000 signatures.

The Recall Fahey Committee makes seven arguments on its web site ( as to why they believe a recall is needed. The primary reason is the way the decision was made to build a new downtown ballpark for the College World Series.

The other six arguments are:

-That spending on police and fire department contracts encourages Omaha's public safety officials to retire at a time when they're needed the most

-That street repairs are inadequately handled

-That public libraries have been closed

-That the city's public parks aren't adequately cared for

-That the city isn't doing enough to help the homeless

Mayor Fahey issued a defense statement last week that says Mayor Fahey has been instrumental in the growth and development of our city. Mayor Fahey has not raised the property tax rate for the past six years. He has prioritized public safety, strengthened our neighborhoods and improved our local economy. The quality of life for Omahans has been greatly enhanced in the years Mike Fahey has been Mayor.