Recall supporters, opponents spar at Omaha Press Club forum

Omaha, NE – Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle is only a few days away from learning whether or not he'll be recalled.

Next Tuesday's recall election was the subject of this month's Noon Forum at the Omaha Press Club. If Suttle is recalled, he'll be only the second Mayor in Omaha's history to be removed from office since the recall rules were added to the city charter.

Nicole Jesse is co-chairman of the Mayor Suttle Recall Committee. She says there are several reasons why Suttle should be recalled. Jesse says Suttle broke promises, increased taxes and didn't negotiate feasible contracts for the city.

Mike Leahy is Chairman of the Douglas County Democratic Party and is opposed to the recall effort. Leahy says Mayor Suttle put together a reasonable budget in a tough economy and negotiated new agreements that will save Omaha money.

Early voting for the Mayoral recall election has been strong. Polls are open from eight A-M to eight P-M Tuesday.

Omaha Public Radio will bring you coverage of the Mayoral recall election Tuesday evening.