The Red Kettle Run is this weekend

Oct 10, 2013

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Run takes place this Saturday at Lake Zorinsky.

The purpose of the run is to help restock the shelves at Omaha area food pantries. Participants are asked to bring 10 cans of food to serve as their entrance fee.

Allie Baxter founded the run four years ago and says that one person coupled with an organization like the Salvation Army can make a simple idea an amazing reality.

"When I was a freshman in high school, I wanted to become a little more involved with community service and be able to work with an organization. And I was a runner so I thought a charity race would be a great idea.  So I drew up a proposal and went to the Salvation Army because I had already been involved with them and that's kind of how the Red Kettle Run was born.”

Baxter says she had been a bell ringer for several years for the Salvation Army before she started the run. The Red Kettle Run starts at 9:00 a.m. this Saturday at Lake Zorinsky.