Redistricting of South Sarpy County Gives Republican Voters an Edge

Oct 8, 2012

The Nebraska Legislature redistricted the 2nd Congressional District after the 2010 Census numbers were released last year.

Paul Landow, Professor of Political Science at UNO, says the Legislature flip flopped Sarpy County voters. 

He says formerly the Eastern part of South Sarpy County, which had more Democrats, was part of the 2nd Congressional District.  The Western part of that county held more Republicans and was part of the 1st Congressional District. 

Landow says the redistricting changed that.  He says the increase of Republican voters in the 2nd Congressional District could affect the presidential election.

"2nd District is a little bit more Republican now which means Republicans will have a slight advantage now that they did not have prior to the redistricting.”

Landow says there is still a chance Nebraska’s electoral vote will be split again during the presidential election.  Though he says chances aren’t as good this election as they were in 2008. 

Landow attributes this to the redistricting but also because the president is not expending as many resources this year to campaign in the 2nd Congressional District.