ReEnergize program expands to Lincoln

Omaha, NE – A program providing financial incentives for Omaha homeowners and businesses to go green is expanding in to Lincoln.

The ReEnergize Program began last year in Omaha. Right now, 500 homeowners and businesses are signed up for the program. Energy evaluators and contractors will analyze a home or business for energy efficiency upgrades.

Kristi Wamstead-Evans, sustainability coordinator for the city of Omaha, says the goal is to encourage home and business owners to make affordable, green upgrades. "What we've tried to do is standardize what are the most cost-effective recommendations, things such as attic insulation, wall insulation, lighting, looking at replacing the furnaces, hot water heaters, there's a number of different things that could be very cost-effective."

Since ReEnergize began in Omaha last year, 500 home or business owners have signed up for the program. 10 energy-efficiency upgrade projects are complete.

The ReEnergize program is paid for through a Department of Energy grant. Schools and nonprofits are also eligible to participate.