Releases from Gavins Point Dam currently at 14,000 cfs to conserve water

Feb 20, 2013

This year’s Missouri River runoff season begins with reservoirs drawn down significantly. 

Jodi Farhat, Chief of the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division, said that’s due to the drought in the basin last year.

She says releases from Gavins Point Dam are currently at 14,000 cfs to conserve water. 

Farhat says the corps is implementing measures to conserve water in the mainstem reservoir system.

"Including low winter releases and reduced service to navigation in the coming year.  The risk of snow melt driven flooding is low this year but the risk of ice jam and rainfall induced flooding is normal – We will continue to monitor the conditions in the basin and will make any necessary release adjustments as the spring unfolds.”

Farhat’s comments came during the US Army Corps of Engineers’ monthly conference call with Nebraska media.