Releases from Gavins Point Reduced

Jun 14, 2013

Drought conditions remain over the southwestern part of the Missouri River Basin, according to the U-S Army Corps of Engineers.

Missouri River Basin Water Management Division Chief Jody Farhat’s comments came during this month’s Corps of Engineers conference call. 

Farhat said the runoff forecast for calendar year 2013 remains below normal. 

Despite the dry conditions in some areas, Farhat said the past several weeks have served as a reminder that flooding can and will occur, even during periods of extended drought.

"Releases from Gavins Point were proactively reduced beginning Memorial Day weekend to provide flood risk reduction below the reservoir system.  This was part of our normal operations for flood risk reduction along the lower river.  And as a result of this operation, both the peak stages and the duration of flooding were reduced in many locations.”

Farhat said her staff produces an updated runoff and regulation forecast each month.  The latest forecast was posted on the website last week.