Relocating from the Sudan subject of Press Club

Apr 8, 2014

The challenges of relocating from the Sudan was the topic of last month’s Omaha Press Club Noon Forum.

Guests included Lacey Studnicka from Lutheran Family Services, the largest resettlement organization in the state of Nebraska, as well as refugees Christine Ross and Sabit Boules. 

Ross talked about issues facing women in the South Sudan community. 

Boules talked about the reasons why so many Sudanese refugees choose to live here.  He said more Sudanese live in Omaha than anywhere else in the world.

"Omaha became a popular place because the South Sudanese who first came here and settled in Omaha liked the city, the environment and the friendliness of the people.  So they invited people who lived in different states to come down because people of Omaha have an open heart and welcome people here.”

Studnicka said another draw for the South Sudanese is the strength of Omaha’s economy today. 

She said there are a lot of good job opportunities for the South Sudanese who move here. 

The Omaha Press Club will air in its entirety on Monday, May 12th at Noon on KIOS.