"Remembering Our Fallen" in Bellevue this week

Aug 8, 2012

“Remembering Our Fallen” is an exhibit honoring Nebraska’s fallen soldiers.

Bill Williams and his wife Evonne came up with the idea for the exhibition after reading an article in the World Herald in 2010.  In the article, a man who lost his son in Afghanistan wondered whether anyone would remember his son. 

Williams says he and his wife decided to create an exhibit with pictures.  He says they wanted a traveling exhibit so people all over the state could see it.  This week the display is at the Bellevue Medical Center.

"We don’t get into whether the war is right or wrong.  We don’t deal with that.  It’s all about the sacrifice men and women who have stepped up and offered to serve their country.  And that’s what our goal is to honor them and for people not to forget them.  That’s the whole effort is that they should not be forgotten.  So we are thrilled when people do come out and see it.”

Williams says the exhibit has traveled since January of 2011 and is booked through March of next year.  For more details, click here.