Report finds Corps of Engineers made appropriate decisions during Missouri River flood

Omaha, NE – A two-month review of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' operations during last summer's Missouri River flooding shows appropriate decisions were made.

An independent panel of hydrologists has been reviewing the Corps' water management practices since October. In its report released Tuesday, panel members say they believe the Corps did all it could to prevent the Missouri River flood from happening. The flooding devastated Nebraska and western Iowa, leaving behind millions of dollars worth of damage.

Among the report's findings are that the Corps' long-term forecasts didn't account for the runoff volume. Also, capacity in the six main stem reservoirs along the Missouri River basin was used to its maximum level.

The panel released a series of recommendations, including infrastructure upgrades and flexibility in the annual operating plan. Panel members also recommend better cooperation and collaboration in the future between the Corps, National Weather Service, FEMA, and other agencies.

The Corps' 2012 operating plan is scheduled for release in early January.