Report gives Nebraska passing grades for its small business climate

Jun 30, 2014

Nebraska gets a B+ when it comes to an overall climate of friendliness for small businesses.

That’s according to a new study by consumer service and the Kauffman Foundation. Thumbtack asked more than 12,000 small businesses nationwide about state support, taxes, and if their state was a good place to start a business.

Senior Economist Jon Lieber says Nebraska did well in the area of ease of hiring, as well as employment, labor, and hiring regulations. But he says other areas need improvement.

"For example, health and safety regulations, our small business professionals gave Nebraska a C, and the availability of training and network programs, which was actually a really important indicator for our small businesses, they gave Nebraska a C-. So a lot of these are pretty small businesses, they want help getting started, and they aren't seeing those kind of programs being offered in their area."

Thumbtack’s survey also found male entrepreneurs in Nebraska are more optimistic about the state’s economic outlook than female entrepreneurs.

The survey includes small businesses in 82 cities. More information is available at