Report shows Nebraska's economic strength lies in five industries

Omaha, NE – A new economic study shows a need for Nebraska to grow its economy by attracting more specialized industries and local workers.

The report was released Thursday. It says Nebraska has a diverse economy and is positioned for growth in several industries. Financial services, transportation, metals manufacturing, biosciences and renewable fuels are the state's strongest industry clusters. Research and development were also identified as areas of strength.

The Battelle Technology Partnership Practice did the study. Simon Tripp of Battelle says more needs to be done to turn that research in to jobs. "There's a shortfall in translating the research that's taking place within Nebraska into business commercialization and innovation and new job growth," according to Tripp.

Battelle's study calls for the development of a Nebraska Talent Advantage. Its goal would be to attract young workers to jobs within Nebraska through a state-funded internship program. The report also says Nebraska should seek further growth in the health, hospitality, and tourism industries.

The study cost $200,000 dollars. The Departments of Labor and Economic Development paid for the study.