Reported hate crime leads to Omaha Vigil Against Violence

Jul 25, 2012

Omaha’s Memorial Park is the site of a vigil Thursday night in support of a Lincoln woman who was the victim of a hate crime.

It’s called the Omaha Vigil Against Violence. More than 500 people attended a similar event Sunday night in Lincoln. Lincoln Police say they’ve classified the reported assault and arson, which happened early Sunday morning, as a hate crime. Derogatory language regarding a person’s sexual orientation was allegedly spray painted on the walls of the home, and a 33-year-old woman was treated at a hospital for injuries.

Erin Anderson-Ravenholdt is one of the organizers of the Omaha vigil. She says Sunday’s crime has united the community. “I don’t believe we’ve come together with this magnitude until now. Our LGBT people as well as so many straight allies have stood up and said enough is enough. People deserve to have their freedom to live. People do not deserve this hatred and to be brutalized this way.”

Anderson-Ravenholdt says organizers hope the vigil sends a message that communities won’t tolerate hate crimes. 1,700 people have signed up to attend the Omaha Vigil Against Violence.