Requests for food assistance from Salvation Army up 36 percent

Apr 13, 2012

The Salvation Army of Omaha says the need for assistance from their food pantry is up 36 percent.

The Salvation Army and UNO’s Just Can It food drive has a new partner this year: the city of Omaha. Next week, all three will collect donations will the Salvation Army’s food pantry. The city of Omaha will collect donations as part of its Tuna Tuesdays food drive.

Salvation Army of Omaha spokeswoman Susan Eustice says 20,000 people request food assistance every week. She says some of those are first-timers, who’ve had jobs, are well-employed, and never needed food assistance before.

This is the ninth year of the Just Can It food drive, and the second year of the city of Omaha’s so-called Tuna Tuesdays event. More information is available at