Rock of Ages opens at the Orpheum Theatre tonight

Mar 6, 2012

The rock and roll musical is set in 1987 around a club on the Sunset Strip.  Actor Matt Ban plays Dennis Dupree in the production. 

He says Dennis is the 70’s leftover in the show and owns the rock club.  Ban says this is the first rock show he’s ever done and he’s having a good time singing some of the 80’s best hair metal music.  

He says the show gets big reactions wherever it goes and he thinks it’s because the music is so much fun and so well-known.

"It’s totally the type of show people just want to sing along with, not to mention it’s got a really fantastic book.  I mean, the script of the actual musical, is so funny and so crass.  And it totally acknowledges the fact that it’s an 80’s rock musical and do not take this too seriously, because we certainly aren’t.”

The musical features songs from Journey, Styx, Poison and more.  Rock of Ages runs tonight through Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre.  The show is not appropriate for those under the age of 14. 

Ticket information is available online at