Rock the Vote Attracts New Voters

Oct 16, 2012

Young people make up about a quarter of the electorate, and voting rights advocates say they’re a powerful collective force when they turn out to vote.

Chrissy Faessen is a spokesperson with Rock the Vote.  She says right now her organization is seeing young people registering and looking for the candidates to address the issues they care about the most. 

Faessen says the economy appears to be the biggest issue for younger voters.

"It has anything to do with pocketbook issues.  How they are going to afford to pay for college, how they are going to pay back their student loans, and when they graduate if there’s going to be a job there waiting for them.”

Faessen says the two most common questions she gets are whether students should register to vote in their home state or in the state where they are attending college, and whether or not they need an ID to go to the polls.