Rosenblatt Stadium memorabilia is up for grabs

Omaha, NE – Anything a fan or player may have seen or touched at Rosenblatt Stadium is up for auction Thursday from 10 until 2.

Calvin Sisson is the Executive Director of the Omaha Zoo Foundation. He says there will be about 900 items available, with items such as dug out seats, bases and signage up for sale. He says all the proceeds will go to the Infield at the Zoo Legacy Project. Sisson says the Omaha Zoo Foundation wanted to have a commemorative component of their new campaign to memorialize Rosenblatt Stadium, "A green space out in the middle of the parking lot where fans could come and reminisce and play catch. Home plate will be home plate so you have a sense of space. We'll leave the foul poles actually where they're located so when you're in the park, you'll be able to understand how far that outfield wall was from home plate. So those are all components we wanted to make sure were kept alive as part of this project."

The live auction takes place on the southwest side of Rosenblatt Stadium. Sisson says commemorative brick pavers from the Stadium will also be available to purchase Thursday. For more information, the web site is