Salute to African American Leaders on Display at Crossroads

May 22, 2014

Great Plains Black History Museum’s newest exhibit is called “A Salute to African American Leadership.”

Terri Sanders, Vice President of Marketing and Development for the museum, says the exhibit represents 25 years of the African American Leadership Awards. 

Sanders says the award was given to two people the first year. Now, multiple people may receive the award in the same year. 

Sanders says there are more than 100 people’s plaques on display in the museum.

"They will actually see the plaques which are etched pictures of each person who received a plaque.  And it also shows the year and the category they received their award for.  So the unique thing about this exhibit is while they might be national in significance, these leaders actually served here in our local community.”

This year’s African American Leadership Award will be given on June 6th. 

“A Salute to African American Leadership” is on display in the Museum’s space at Crossroads Mall, near Barnes and Noble.