The Salvation Army Behavioral Health Program Offers Peer Support Services

Omaha, NE – The Salvation Army offers more than 20 programs that help people through points of crisis in their lives.

Susan Eustice is the Director of Public Relations for the Salvation Army in Omaha. She says one of these programs is called Peer Support Services. The one-year-old program matches mentors to participants who are struggling with mental health issues.

Eustice says Peer Support Services is similar to the AA model, where mentors share experience and guidance through their own recovery in an environment that is both nurturing and supportive.

"So we look for people that have been through mental health recovery to mentor others essentially. And it's a wonderful complement to the variety of behavioral health programs that we offer here at the Salvation Army."

For more information on the Salvation Army's Peer Support Services or to volunteer within the program, the number is 402-885-8003.