Sarpy County surpasses 100,000 registered voters

Jan 14, 2014

Sarpy County is the third county in Nebraska to have a registered voter population exceeding 100,000.

Election Commissioner Wayne Bena says Sarpy County has more than 100,000 registered voters for the first time in its history. The only other counties with more than 100,000 registered voters are Douglas and Lancaster.

Bena says the voter numbers reflect Sarpy County’s continued growth.

"When you look at statewide numbers, we’re one of the fastest-growing counties, and more residents are moving in to Sarpy County all the time. So I would hope political candidates would take note of that, and spend more time in Sarpy County trying to influence the voters to vote for them."

Bena says more Sarpy County voters are registering as non-partisan. According to a news release, the county has 46,550 Republican voters, 27,657 registered Democrats, and 25,261 non-partisan voters.