SBA Warns of Loan Scams Targeting Small Business Owners

Omaha, NE – The Small Business Administration is warning Nebraska and Iowa businesses about several new loan scams.

SBA Inspector General Peg Gustafson says a variety of scams are circulating. One involves a business owner receiving a phone call saying they can't get a loan if they don't do business with a particular firm.

"We've heard about firms indicating that they are actually with the SBA and implying that a small business has to do business with this firm," Gustafson says. "And we've even heard about some firms that have told business owners that if they do not use their services, this firm would be able to prevent, basically, the business owners from getting loans."

Gustafson says scammers are asking business owners for sensitive information such as bank account numbers. If a business owner receives one of these calls, Gustafson says they should immediately check with the SBA to verify the information.

There are more than 60 SBA offices nationwide, including one in Omaha.