Science Cafe to focus on preterm births

Omaha, NE – Preventing and reducing the number of preterm births is the focus of this month's Science Cafe.

Doctor Jack Turman, a neurobiologist at UNMC's School of Allied Health Professions, is the featured speaker. Doctor Turman says preterm births are a complex situation with several possible causes. "Women over 35 and young women under the age of 17 are at risk for having a preterm delivery," Turman says. "And then there's issues of health behaviors, smoking, alcohol use, drug use, all of those kind of things that we know are not good health behaviors would promote a preterm birth."

Doctor Turman says Nebraska can lower its rate of preterm births if all women have a comprehensive health care plan. He says that should include healthy eating, exercise, good mental health, and access to care.

The Science Caf begins at 7 pm Tuesday at The Slowdown.