The Science of Solving Crime is the Subject of the next Omaha Science Cafe

Aug 6, 2012

Tuesday’s Omaha Science Café will feature a coroner, an FBI agent, and a forensic psychiatrist speaking about the science of solving a crime.

Dr. Carl Greiner is a forensic psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at UNMC.  He says it’s not a psychiatrist’s job to make a decision about cause of death, but rather to determine whether the individual who committed the murder may or may not be insane. 

Dr. Greiner says it’s important to consider the social standard by which we find that people are not morally responsible for their actions.

"That is a social issue and not so much a psychiatric issue.  Psychiatrists don’t even have insanity as part of their diagnostic assessments.  Insanity is a purely legal construction. So I think it’s very interesting to think about as voters and citizens how we think about what constitutes moral responsibility for serious deeds.”

The Omaha Science Café takes place at 7:00 Tuesday night at the Slowdown. 

There is no admission fee and details are available here.