Second Congressional District candidate wants changes to Medicare system

Aug 29, 2012

The Democratic candidate for Nebraska’s Second Congressional District says changes are needed to the Medicare system to keep it solvent.

John Ewing discussed his plan for Medicare during a news conference earlier this week. Ewing, who’s also Douglas County Treasurer, says Health and Human Services should be able to negotiate prescription drug prices for people in the Medicare Part D program.  "This has the potential to save $24 billion annually using the same negotiation techniques that the Veterans Administration uses for its prescription drug program. And this has the potential to save Medicare Part D up to 50 percent of its costs annually."

Ewing says more resources should go toward the Medicare Fraud Strike Force to eliminate waste in the system.

In a statement, Congressman Lee Terry’s campaign dismisses Ewing’s suggestions about Part D. Terry says “The program is a wonderful program for seniors and is working well. Costs are 30 percent below initial projections because the plans compete with one another for business. Mr. Ewing just wants more government control of healthcare.”