Second Congressional District: Terry faces challenge in primary election

May 5, 2014

Incumbent Second District Congressman Lee Terry faces a challenger in the May 13th primary election.

Terry, who was elected to the U.S. House in 1998, is running for his ninth term. His primary challenger is Omaha businessman Dan Frei, who says lawmakers need to reign in spending with a national debt of more than $17 trillion.

"And those in Washington don’t seem to understand that they have an addiction to spending. We don’t have a revenue problem, it’s not that we’re not taxed enough, we spend too much. And from my perspective, it’s time to stop sending career politicians to Washington that run as conservatives, run as fiscal conservatives, and then go to Washington and forget those principles."

State Senator Brad Ashford is seeking the Democratic nomination for the Second Congressional District. Ashford says his campaign is focused on working from the center to find solutions.

"I’m a legislator, that’s what I do. I govern from the center, I legislate from the center, that’s what makes me different. I think that’s the difference we’ll bring to the office. So I wanted to continue to work in that area."

Other candidates in the Second Congressional District race are Democrat Mark Aupperle, and Libertarians Andy Shambaugh and Steven Laird.