Sen. Annette Dubas enters race for Nebraska Governor

Sep 23, 2013

State Senator Annette Dubas is running for Governor.

Dubas kicked off her campaign Sunday in Fullerton. This week, she’ll make campaign stops throughout Nebraska, including one Monday in Omaha. Dubas, who was elected to the State Legislature in 2006, says she’s hearing from Nebraskans that property taxes are an issue.

"While property taxes are viewed as a local issue, and set at the local level, the state certainly has a role or has an impact on those property taxes, whether it’s mandates that we put in place that we don’t fully fund, or decisions that we make with financing, state aid to education, aid to counties and cities, all of those things impact local governments."

Dubas says economic development and workforce development are key issues in her gubernatorial campaign. She says while Nebraska has a low unemployment rate, some manufacturers say they have difficulty finding skilled workers. Dubas says educational opportunities will help fill those jobs.

Dubas will face former University of Nebraska Regent Chuck Hassebrook in the 2014 primary.