Sen. Ben Nelson views photos from raid on bin Laden compound

Omaha, NE – One of Nebraska's U.S. Senators says he's seen the photos from the raid on Osama bin Laden's Pakistani compound, and they leave no doubt the terror leader is dead.

Senator Ben Nelson is a member of the Armed Services Committee. He viewed the photos Tuesday morning at CIA headquarters. "I can confirm, yes, we got him," Nelson says. "I viewed several photographs and they left no doubt that it was Osama bin Laden, and even I could make a positive identification from the photos before and after."

Nelson says the photos are graphic and gruesome. He supports President Obama's decision to not release the images.

Nebraska's senior U.S. Senator also announced Tuesday he plans to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan this summer with members of the Senate Armed Services Committee. They plan to meet with Pakistani military and government officials, as well as Nebraska service men and women stationed in Afghanistan.

Nelson's comments came Tuesday during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.